Denis Léon - Life and destiny

Author : Denis Léon
Title : Life and destiny
Year : 1918

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INTRODUCTION BY THE TRANSLATOR. Early in May, while in Dijon, France, the books of Leon Denis, the great spiritual philosopher, were brought to my attention by his friend and pupil, Miss Camille Chaise, a beautiful young refugee from Rheims. Profoundly impressed by the literary and religious importance of this volume, I asked Miss Chaise to inquire if I could obtain the rights of translation. This inquiry led to my coming to Tours, where Mr. Denis resides, and where I have pursued the delightful work. Feeling it to be a holy task, I resolved to begin it on a holy day, May 21st, which was the second anniversary of the birth of my hus- J band into spirit life. Beginning with three pages daily, I gradually increased the number, and was able to complete the task on September 21st. The translation was made of peculiar interest to me, through messages received from my husband, while in Dijon, by the aid of a cultured lady in private life, Madame Soyer, who had no personal acquaintance with Mr. Denis or Miss Chaise. The messages urged me to make the translation, assuring me that I would not only benefit the world, but that I would be personally benefited, as the book contained great truths of life and death which would aid in my development. On numerous occasions while in Tours, messages received from the astral world referred to the translation with interest and approval. In giving this work of Leon Denis to the English-speaking world, I feel I am bestowing an inestimable favour on every intelligent mind capable of feeling love, sorrow, aspiration, or yearning for a larger understanding of life. The work of translation of these beautiful thoughts has been an education to my mind, a solace to my heart, and an uplift to my soul. When I made this statement to the dear author, he replied: "But you, long a student of spiritual research, and of theosophical lore, surely knew all these things before ?" I replied, "Yes, I knew them. But I feel as if you had entered a store-room of my mind, where were packed priceless paintings and rare statues, and as if you had taken them one by one, and hung them in a clear light on memory's walls, and placed the sculptured treasures on pedestals for the delight of my spiritual eyes; you have, in truth, set my intellectual house in order.' ' It is rarely that a mind of such an analytically scientific bent, as that of Leon Denis, is at the same time so poetical. This, together with the writer's profoundly reverential nature, makes his work of threefold value. He appeals to those who pursue psychical research in a purely scientific manner; he appeals to those who value noble and moving literature; and he appeals to every soul that loves and believes in a God great enough to be the Supreme Creator of this magnificent universe. This book is the crowning work of Mr. Denis's three score years and ten of life—the ripe fruit of more than half a century of continual study and research. It can be said of Mr. Denis (which cannot be said of all authors), that his personal life accords with his beautiful philosophy. From a troubled and painful youth, he has slowly climbed an ascending path of difficulties, overcome obstacles and surmounted sorrows, attained profound knowledge and a wide education, and put into daily practice the lofty principles he sets forth in this volume. May it bring to every reader the uplift it has brought to the translator. Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Tours, France, September, 1918. ...

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