Hine Phil - Techniques of modern shamanism Vol. 2

Author : Hine Phil
Title : Techniques of modern shamanism Vol. 2 Two Worlds & inbetween
Year : 1989

Link download : Hine_Phil_-_Techniques_of_modern_shamanism_Vol_2.zip

Introduction. Two Worlds & Inbetween is a cotnpanion volutne to Walking Between the Worlds. Whilst the latter dealt prünarily with enhancing sensory awareness and the inductionoftrance states by various tnethods, this present work pro vides a simple schema for partitioning aspects of our experience, and suggests exercises within a broad conceptual framework for selfexploration and development. Once again, many of the techniques proposed in this book are geared to group exploration, since undoubtedly, our best teachers are friends and fellow-travellers. Of the fellow-travellers with whom I have walked and talked these paths over the years, I would like to thank Sheila Broun, Neil Mc Lac han, Robin Turner & Alawn Tickhill, and the scattered members oflnvoldng Earth, the Theatre ofVoodoo, and current members of Circle of Stars, to whom this book is gratefully dedicated. ...

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