Irving David - Nuremberg The Last Battle

Author : Irving David
Title : Nuremberg The Last Battle
Year : 1996

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THIS BOOK is an intimate look at the origins and conduct of the first post-war trial of major war criminals held at Nuremberg from 1945 to 1946. It has as its nucleus a series of articles which I wrote for the German weekly Welt am Sonntag in the late 1960s under the title Nürnberg, die letzte Schlacht. These articles were then published under one cover by Wilhelm Heyne Taschenbuchverlag in Munich under the same title, which has long beenout of print. Much research has been carried out since then. In the course of preparing my biographies of Hitler and some of his principal lieutenants (Göring, Milch, Hess, Rommel), I had already met many of the participants in this final drama of World War Two – those, that is, who had survived the hangman’s noose – and I had had perforce to talk things over with several of their legal counsel too, in whose hands were still concentrated important historical records. In the years since publishing that German newspaper series I collected additional significant materials on the trial, including the diaries of several of the German defendants, as well as of the Allied prosecuting counsel and judges; and after the British archives opened, I was enabled to adjust the balance of what had until then been investigated primarily from the American archival angle. The richest quarry, and one to which I have returned several times in the intervening years, is the files of the American chief prosecutor, the late Justice Robert H. Jackson. ...

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