Dikkers Scott - Our Dumb Century

Authors : Dikkers Scott - The Onion - Loew Mike
Title : Our Dumb Century
Year : 1999

Link download : Dikkers_Scott_-_Our_Dumb_Century.zip

It is with a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment that I look back upon this great Twentieth Century of ours and say that The Onion news-paper was able to document and, to a great extent, shape this wond:rous time in human history, as this fine tome demonstrates. As of this writing, I am almost 132 years old. I edited and published The Onion from 1896 until 1958, when my court-ordered retirement forced me into the medical wing of my 648-room estate in the East, with only my pudding-headed nurse-maid and my iron lung to keep me company. 0 , how Iso yearn to relive my heady hey-day! The Onion was my very life, and I loved it more than any woman or fine buggy. l'rn a news-paper-man to the very core! Printer's ink ftows through my veins! For it is the right of every citizen of our great American Republic to be told what is going on about them, and it is the sacred duty of The Onion to tell it to them. It all beg an in 17 56. Friedrich Siegfried Zweibel, an immigrant tuber-farmer from Prussia, shrewdly bartered a sack of yams for a secondband printing press and, according to legend, named his ftedgling news-paper The MercantileOnion after the only words of English that he knew. The earliest existing Mercantile-Onion dates from 1765. The front page of this edition is pictured on the following page. ...

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