England under the heel of the Jew

Author : Anonymous
Title : England under the heel of the Jew A tale of two books
Year : 1918

Link download : England_under_the_heel_of_the_Jew.zip

The God of this World. W HEN Our Lord rebuffed the Tempter for the third time in the Wilderness there was one hard by who overhea.rd the Devil's offer. The Devil was speaking. the tru th when he said that the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them were in his gift. And when he left Our Lord, Simon, the Father of Judas Iscariot, feil dawn at his feet exclaiming, "My Lord and my God, is the off er open still?" And the Devil replied, "Y es; my son, I confer the gift on thee, if thou wilt serve me with thy whole heart aud soul." "How can I prove my loyalty?" said Simon. The Devil auswered, "Compass the death of Him who has affronted me: He is thine Enemy as He is mine." "How shall I do this?" said Simon. The Devil replied, " Attach th y son Judas ta His persan." When Judas had accomplished his mission of betrayal, and, smitten with remorse, had hauged himseJf, Simon made camplaint ta his patron, who replied: "Fear not, Simon, thou hast other sons: the kingdoms of the World are thine. Judas is dead; but the Tribe of Judas lives. It is better that one traitor should die rather than that the whole Tribe should looo its kingship. In oompassing the death of Lucre's eternal Foe, Judas has given his life; but the Soeptre of Lucre shall not depart from the Tribe of Judas un til the Day when the Betrayed shall return.'' ...

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