Gollancz Hermann - Pedagogics of the Talmud and that of modern times

Author : Gollancz Hermann
Title : Pedagogics of the Talmud and that of modern times A comparitive study
Year : 1924

Link download : Gollancz_Hermann_-_Pedagogics_of_the_Talmud_and_that_of_modern_times.zip

In the main, the accompanying Essay was written sorne years ago, but was never published or printed. I now send it forth, having somewhat recast the original, and added some items of interest, which will tend to bring into bolder relief the theme which I have chosen. The form of presentation adopted by me-that of indenting the bulk of the statements and sayings in the text-will, it seems to me, give a clearer and more rapid coupd 'oeil of the subject considered in this comparative study. I have in this way attempted to avoid that jumble of statements which beclouds the issue in the one or two treatises which have incidentally but dimly hinted at the comparison which I have instituted herein. I would but add that the citations throughout, whether from Jewish or non-Jewish sources, are made at fu·st-hand, from the original. Moreover, in the desire not to over-weight this Essay with too much detail or with too many quotations, I have given more consideration to the aspect of elementary education than to education in general ; and in the sayings selected to illustrate my contentions, I have betimes not drawn too nice a distinction between the school child and the student of larger growth. ...

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