Harris Victor - The Jews in modern Mexico

Author : Harris Victor
Title : The Jews in modern Mexico
Year : 1907

Link download : Harris_Victor_-_The_Jews_in_modern_Mexico.zip

While many books have been written about Mexico, no reference ismade in any of them to the Jewish residents of that conntry. Even the Jewish Encyclopedia dismisses the snbject with a few remarks. Still, there are Jews, in small numbers, scattered all throngh that Repnblic. In the City of Mexico there is a Jewish population of abont 500 families, and their importance financially is far in excess of their numerical strength, It is for the purpose of acquaining the Jewish public with sorne facts. concerning our co-religionists in that country that I issue this pamphlet, and I hope it will be welcomed among onr people. The narrative embraces from the time I left Los Angeles, August 10th, 1905, until my return, April 18th, 1906. Respectfnlly, The Author. ...

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