Margoliouth Moses - The history of the jews in Great Britain

Author : Margoliouth Moses
Title : The history of the jews in Great Britain
Year : 1851

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SIMPLE matter-of-fact statements, as to the literary labour of a work, are often misconstrued, and the Author is frequently charged with conceit and vanity. To avoid even the appearance of such unenviable features, the Author deems it sufficient simply to state that neither time, labour, nor expense was spared, in arder to render the following volumes, of the annals of the "wandering tribes" of Judah's race, in this country, complete. The religions, civil, literary, and political history of the Jews, in this country, are amply pourtrayed. The Author has aimed at the strictest impartiality. His own views have been scrupulously kept out of sight in the different tapies which have fallen to his lot to record. The notices of the Anglo-Jewish literary productions, have been penned under the influence of a sense of critical justice. That department has been treated, to use the words of a celebrated Anglo-Hebrew, " as an affair of literary conscience." With reference to the vexed question of the admission of the Jews into the British Legislature, the Author has thought it his duty to give those speeches which he considered to bear most forcibly on the important subject, and which were calculated to throw light on the history of the J ews of England. He reque.sts that the reader will bear in mind, that he did not write as a politician, but as an impartial historian. The Appendix will be found to contain severa! important and interesting documents, strikingly illustrative of the history of the Jews in this country. LONDON, MARCH, 1851. ...

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