Milton Altfeld E. - The Jew's struggle for religious and civil liberty in Maryland

Author : Milton Altfeld E.
Title : The Jew's struggle for religious and civil liberty in Maryland
Year : 1924

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Glancing through old legislative recorda that I chanced to pick up while serving as a member of the House of Delegates in 1914, I became attracted to the subject of the "Jew" bill which agitated the citizenry of the State a century ago. Later, while scouting for news for the Baltimore American, I beard an impressive talk on the subject of early Jewish disabilities by Philip L. Sykes, a prominent member of the Baltimore Bar and at that time a student of the Johns Hopkins University. Many talks with Mr. Sykes on Jewish and communal subjects followed and his devotion to Jewish causes inspired me to pursue the subject further. When I returned to civilian !ife from the World War in 1918 I devoted my efforts towards raising money for the purchase of a monument to be erected over the grave of Thomas Kennedy in Hagerstown. This project was successful and the monument was accordingly dedicated in the presence of Mr. Kennedy's living descendants and state and city officiais. This man, although he lmew not J ew yet lmew the principles of humanity and brotherhood. If our people understood the tremendous effort put forth by Kennedy and the obstacles he had to overcome, surely they would arrange an annual pilgrimage to his grave. I desire to extend my thanks to the press of Baltimore for permitting access to their files; the Maryland Historical Society, Peabody Library, St. Mary 's County officiais, Land Record Office Commissioner, Mrs. J. Findlay, great-grand-daughter of Thomas Kennedy, B. S. Appelstein, Baltimore City Librarian; Charles Ficlms, Prof. Jacob H. Hollander, of the Johns Hopkins University, Senatot William Curran and especially Mr. Sykes for his helpful suggestions. Much pleasure was derived by me in gathering the data for this volume; if my readers receive a small portion of the enjoyment that was mine, in its preparation, I shaH fee! amply compensated for the labor that was entailed by this task. E.M.A. Baltimore, April 2, 1924. ...

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