Sokolow Nahum - History of Zionism 1600-1918 Volume I

Author : Sokolow Nahum
Title : History of Zionism 1600-1918 Volume I
Year : 1919

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In this work an attempt is made to deal with a considerable portion of the history-of Zionism that bas hitherto been very impeffectly explored, namely, the origin and development of the Zionist idea prindpally in England, and partly in France, during the last centuries, among Gentiles and jews. In reviewing the gradual evolution of the Zionist idea over such a wide field, I could not restrict the meaning of the term " Zionism " to the Zionist Movement and Qrganization of the present day. I bad togo back to the beginning of this idea, and to extend the meàning of " Zionism " to all aspirations and efforts tending in the same direction. There was in these aspirations, undoubtedly, a diversity of reasons and methods which continues to this day. It is the object of the present work to trace these varions currents of the idea so that the reader, passing from period to period, and from section to section, may become acquainted with their relative value and their influence upon one another. In this book I have striven more especially to consider the attitude of the English people towards Zionism, as revealed in the political history and in the litera ture of England. The Christian religions idea of the Restoration of Israel having been a subject of pre-eminent interest and importance and an influential factor in shaping public opinion in this cotJntry for many generations, the greatest care has been bestowed upon the investigation of this aspect, no less tban on that relatin:g to the support and encouragement which Zionism bas received in England and in France merely on humanitarian or political grounds, apart from religions aspirations. ...

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