Stokes H. P. - Studies in Anglo-Jewish History

Author : Stokes H. P.
Title : Studies in Anglo-Jewish History
Year : 1913

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ANY one who deals with the subject of the Jews in England before the Expulsion must often feel admiration for the work done by scholars before the days of calendars and other guides to the materials contained in the Record Office. Without these aids, Prynne in the middle of the seventeenth century, and M. D. Davis and O. Gross in the nineteenth, succeeded in making contributions of permanent value to the subject. Especially must the present-day student of Anglo-Jewish records express his indebtedness to Mr. Joseph Jacobs. And the present writer desires to emphasise his admiration for that author's works, because his first task will be to criticise sorne of the conclusions of the chronicler of The Jews of Angevin ltngland. Readers of Mr. Jacobs's paper on "The London Jewry of 1290" will remember the elaborate references to the so-called "Hagin Family." We venture to reproduce the genealogical table from that treatise, because a consideration theroof will bring forward many of the points with which we are about to deal. ...

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