Hoy Michael - Loompanics Golden Records

Author : Hoy Michael
Title : Loompanics Golden Records Articles and Features from the best book catalog in the world
Year : 1993

Link download : Hoy_Michael_-_Loompanics_Golden_Records.zip

Welcome to Loompanics' Golden Records, a collection of articles and features that have appeared in the Loompanics Unlimited Book Catalog - The Best Book Catalog ln The World We strive to have the articles and features we publish be as good as the books we sell. We want these items, like our books, to clear your head, to incite and provoke, and make you think about your lite in strange new ways. More than 40 articles and features are collected herein, including two commissioned especially for this book: Circus of the Scars, by Jim Hogshire, and Ear/y Release, by G.J. Shaefer. Ladies and gentlemen of America and all the ships at sea, Loompanics Unlimited proudly presents: Loompanics' Golden Records. Michael Hoy, Pres. 15 March 1993. ...

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