Decourdemanche Jean-Adolphe - Wild life among the Koords

Author : Decourdemanche Jean-Adolphe (Millingen Frederick - Bey Osman Seifi - Andrejevich Vladimir - Kibrizli-Zadé)
Title : Wild life among the Koords
Year : 1870

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A STRIKING proof of the power exerted over the human mind by historical and religions traditions, is the irresistible attraction whieh the localities known as having been the scenes of extraordinary events have over our imagination. What can better illustrate this fact than the attraction exerted by Palestine, Egypt, Greece, and Italy on the minds of men from generation to generation ? The traditions attached to these countries have been handed down as a valuable inheritance from father to son, and every successive generation has endeavoured to rival that which preceded it by sending forth a series of travellers on perilous journeys, with the view of instituting diligent, and often unrewarded, researches into the present condition and past history of lands so celebrated. But, basides Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Palestine, where little is left to reward scientific investigations, is there no other country whieh attracts our attention and deserves our labours ? ...

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