Swartz Tim - Secret Black Projects of the New World Order

Author : Swartz Tim
Title : Secret Black Projects of the New World Order
Year : 1998

Link download : Swartz_Tim_-_Secret_Black_Projects_of_the_New_World_Order.zip

Mysterious aircraft are secretly flying the skies above planet Earth. These strange craft are considered by some to be extraterrestrial spacecraft. Others are positive that the United States has developed and deployed highly top secret, antigravity ships disguised to resemble conventional aircraft. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere between. Astounding leaps in science has yielded a new type of defensive weapon: Stealth Technology. Planes capable of dropping nuclear bombs can now fly invisibly into enemy airspace, drop a payload, and fly back out without being identified. Since the introduction of the Stealth aircraft to the general public, rumors have circulated that these jets might be using science so far ahead of current knowledge that it borders on the realm of science fiction. UFO researchers have not dismissed speculation that these exotic aircraft are the result of acquired alien technology. However, the known science of Stealth is easily understood. The way most aircraft identification works is by constantly bombarding airspace with a RADAR signal. When a plane flies into its path, a signal bounces back to a sensor that determines size, and location of the plane. Other methods focus on measuring acoustic disturbances, visual contact, and infrared signatures. ...

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