Mullins Eustace Clarence - The Great Betrayal The General Welfare Clause Of The Constitution

Author : Mullins Eustace Clarence
Title : The Great Betrayal The General Welfare Clause Of The Constitution
Year : 1991

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This is the story of the Great Behayal. During the twentieth century, Americans increasingly have become inured, even desensitized, to the continuous accusations, testimony, and public hearings which have detailed the many betrayals of our Republic. Why have there been so many betrayals, rather than one calamitous act of treason? The history of this century has borne out the strength of the admirable edifice which was reared up by our Founding Fathers. They included in it so many safeguards, so many far-sighted defenses, so many shields for the security of the succeeding generations, that no single act of conspiracy could bring it down. No Benedict Arnold, no Franklin Delano Roosevelt, acting alone, no matter how seasoned they might be in the affairs of treason, could weaken this great edifice to the extent that the ever-waiting barbarians, the Thuggees of old, could pour into the breacha nd take possessiono f our culture without a fight. For that reason, the process of betrayal has been an ongoing one, continuing over a period of many years. In tracing and reconstructing the operations of this process, the present writer has devoted some fifty years to investigation, assiduously trying to locate the missing key, a Golden Key of Destruction, that single instrument which had the deadly ability to plunge our nation into its present abysmal state. Our Colossus of Liberty, so artfully constructed, could fend off the snarling dogs and the multitudinous rabbleo f our enemiesf or a considerableti me, but inevitably, at some dark moment, there came the poignant instant when the blade was thrust into the heart of the nation. During those decades, this writer, like alatterday Sherlock Holmes, busied himself with obtaining the evidence, seeking piecemeal the hidden proofs and the rnost finite documentation of the crimes of the enemy againstus. There was more than enough such testimony to keep me occupied for many years, but, with each new piece of evidence, I added another and even morc meaningful piece to the puzzle, and thus came another step towards completing the entire picture. Even as my assemblage of evidence grew more mountainous, their pattern became ever more simplified, until, at last, I realized that I was on the verge of revealing the final apostasy of those who had dedicated their lives to bringing down the American Republic. I found this last, and most damning proof, not in some obscure protocol of the conspirators, hidden in some dusty recess, but in the imposing building of our National Archives. The secretwas found inthe language of ourmost sacred text, the Constitution of the United States of America. Did this discovery mean that, deep within the provisions of the Constitution, the Founding Fathers had ignorantly, or perhaps, even by design, included some trick phrase which would later become the Achilles Heel of our country? Not at all. If the Founding Fathers had erred,i twas onthe sideofzeal,b ecausetheywenttos uchg reatefforts to make certain that no door was left open, no possible avenue of betrayal inadvertently left unguarded, which might give aid and comfort to those vipers who, working from within or from abroad, would overlook no opportunity to end this Republic, and thus deliver the coup de grace to mankind's most noble experiment in freedom. In the entire Constitution, there are few phrases which, despite the frenetic efforts of demagogues and renegades, could lend themselves to suchg rossm isrepresentationH. owever,I did find, in one phraseo f this great document, words which reflected the highest aspirations of the Founding Fathers, a phrase which occurs in the Preamble to the Constitution, and which appears again in Article I, Section Eight. This phrase is "the general welfare". It would be difficult to read into this phrase any ambiguity, or any opportunity for demagoguery, and yet such purpose was found. In this book, we have a dual purpose, first, to explain how ruthless men adopted this phrase to further their great conspiracy against America, and second, the techniques which they employed to incorporate this phrase as the very keystone of their Welfare State, a creation which they intended as the replacement for the free Republic of the United States. From the powers derived from thatoverthrow, they confidently anticipate that they will now initiate what they fondly refer to as "the New World Ordet''. ...

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