Coleman John - Abortion Genocide in America

Author : Coleman John
Title : Abortion Genocide in America The Nation's Leadership Fails Litmus Test on Abortion
Year : 2009

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In this scholarly work by Dr. Coleman, he explains in detail why notwithstanding Roe vs. Wade, abortion in the United States remains unconstitutional and unlawful. The leading cause of death in the U.S. is not what the American Medical Association (AMA) says it is, but rather, it is infanticide, known as abortion, which the AMA does not bother to list in its annual statistics. After searching 37,000 pages of the Annals of Congress, the Congressional Globe and the Congressional Record, the author says he was not able to find anything in the Constitution that would legalize abortion. Dr. Coleman cites the late Senator Sam Ervin, a great constitutionalist as saying: In Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court found a power in the U.S. Constitution that does not exist. The leading threats to the maintenance and stability of our Republican form of government and our rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights are abortion and gun control in that order, says Dr. Coleman. The Supreme Court justices who voted for abortion, acted outside the pale and the ken of the Constitution. Abortion is a product of so-called 'free love' which now permeates every corner of the United States. Women are murdering their babies at an alarming rate, and this unholy state of affairs must be halted, even if a second American Revolution has to be fought to put an end to it, the author says. This book is recommended to every person who has any regard for the Constitution and Dr. Coleman believes that relentless opposition to abortion must be forcibly expressed until Congress overturns Roe vs. Wade, which it has the power to do, even by a majority of one single vote. ...

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