Coleman John - Drug War Against America

Author : Coleman John
Title : Drug War Against America
Year : 2009

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The first step in solving a problem is to recognize it as such. America has a drug problem, an enormous drug problem that refuses to go away; one that will not be solved until the nation gets to grips with its origin. The majority of Americans know that there is a drug epidemic, but only a small minority is aware that it was inflicted upon our society by the "rulers of darkness, the wicked men in high places, who prefer darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil." Who these men are and how they run the largest and most profitable business in the world; what they have achieved and whether there are any effective countermeasures being taken, is the subject matter of this book. Please do not think that the drug trade is a mere street corner business, where pushers are controlled by the Mafia. Certainly it is part of the problem, but the real promoters of this accursed business are to be found in the halls of the "elite" of this world, the "royal" families, the "noble" families of Europe and the "best" families of America, Britain and Canada. The trade reaches into the highest echelons of power and has not been eradicated, but only somewhat contained. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (USDA) and drug enforcement agencies around the world are trying to fight a forest fire with garden hoses lacking adequate water-pressure. How can this be? The answer is that the drug trade cannot be stamped out because its directors, the rulers of darkness, the wicked people in high places, will not allow the most lucrative trade in the world, with lucrative profits requiring the bare minimum of investment capital, a virtually free product with little production cost, to be taken from them. The only problems the controllers of this massive "corporation" have to deal with are delivery and distribution. As I said in one of my White Papers, surely a nation that could mount a massive mobilization effort and send a huge army overseas to fight and win WWII, can mount a campaign to eradicate the drug trade? Is the drug trade a more formidable task than was waging war against Germany and Japan in the Second World War? Of course not, America can do it. The problem is that Factor X intervenes as soon as the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency begins to get on top of the problem and Factor X is the ruling elite, whose massive fortunes come from the drug trade. This trade had its beginning in 1652 and involved several other countries. Britain's aristocratic "upper-crust" actually ran the lucrative Chinese opium trade and Lord Palmerstone of the British Government actually enunciated it from Parliament. The immense wealth and power enjoyed by the "old money" families of the British aristocracy — the ruling class — can be traced back directly to that odious and dirty business. As I have often said in my Weekly Intelligence Reports and other works, the long struggle for control over Hong Kong that took place between the British and Chinese governments was not about the actual island land mass itself, but about who shall receive the lion's share of the billions of dollars generated by China's opium trade, which accounts for 64 percent of its foreign exchange earnings. The "noble" families of Britain had always taken the biggest slice of the cake, but now that the Chinese have demanded a greater share, what with the collapse of the British Empire and its might, Britain had no option but to grant the request, which settlement came with a condition. Control of the world-wide trade was to remain in British hands, the stained hands of the "noble" and highly-respected "old" families, those who would not give the likes of the American people the time of day, the oligarchy who sit in the seats of power in high places! The drug war against America took a new and ominous turn in the early 1950's, with the introduction of the drug LSD to the youth of America by Aldous Huxley and Bertrand Russell. LSD is manufactured by the Swiss Oligarchy-Black Nobility family, Hoffman LaRoche. The experiment with LSD was officially under the control of the Stanford Research Center, where extensive experiments were carried out under codenames "Operation Naomi" and "Operation Artichoke" using marijuana and cocaine. The youth of America disappeared under a blizzard of white powder produced from crinkled green leaves. Willing and unwilling victims were "tested" at such places as The Addiction Center, Mt. Sinai Hospital and the Boston Psychopathic Hospital, to name two of the most important test centers. With the simultaneous promotion of Theo Adorno's 12-Atonal "music" perfected at Wilton Park, home of British propaganda and a center for disinformation, came a stupendous fraud called "rock music" performed by rock bands, which was a medium for the introduction of notorious brainwashing and the drug "testing" programs. The first of a long line of such deceptions was the "discovery" by Ed Sullivan of the drug sodden group "The Beatles." The whole "rock" business was designed and perfected at Wilton Park with the calculated purpose of using it as a vehicle to induce widespread usage of drugs by American youth and make it an acceptable social custom. Rock was planned solely as a vehicle for the spread of drugs and all "rock groups" "discovered" after the Beatles experiment became an integral part of a psychological war waged against the youth of many nations. All the fraudulent groups were put together at Wilton Park by experts who called it "atonal music" after which Wilton Park unleashed a whole series of "rock bands" on an unsuspecting American public. Ed Sullivan, the best known radio personality in the U.S., was complicit in the crime of the century by bringing the "Beatles" to America! Those taking part in the promotion of rock concerts or distributing records and tapes of the hideously jarring sound, a cacophony of mind-searing noise, should have been prosecuted for their involvement in the spread of drugs. I believe, all "rock" concerts are a criminal offense, because they are used to induce widespread drug usage among the youth. Thus it was that rock concerts were held primarily as a cover for drug distribution and rock "music" became an integral part of the drug war against America. It is time that we, the people, took the gloves off and knocked a few heads together! ...

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