Griffin G. Edward - The fearful master A second look at the United Nations

Author : Griffin G. Edward
Title : The fearful master A second look at the United Nations
Year : 1964

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The Fearful Master, concisely written and well documented, sets forth the double standard which guides the UN through its devious and treacherous path toward world domination. The author, Mr. G. Edward Griffin, has performed an outstanding service in giving the people of the free world a picture of what has happened, is happening, and will happen in the very near future--if we continue our course of strategic surrender to international forces. The book opens with the story of Katanga and reveals the broken promises which the UN made to Moise Tshombe in order to deceive him, and to turn over to the central government the only province of the Congo where law and order had prevailed and where freedom was the watchword of its leaders. The murder, pillaging and rape practiced by the UN forces in Katanga can happen to any country that surrenders to UN control. Author Griffin outlines in considerable detail the Communist infiltration into the personnel at every echelon of the UN, and he exposes the treachery and subversion that flourishes there. The author meticulously outlines the grand design for surrender, and likens it to a jigsaw puzzle. The chief designer is well aware of the ultimate picture, but an individual working on an indiscernible piece of that puzzle does not know exactly what he is doing or where it will fit into the picture. When all of the pieces are put together, however, the finished grand design will be that of a one-world government maintained by forces against which resistance by any nation will be futile. The Fearful Master is a book which is long overdue, but I prayerfully hope that it is not yet too late to awaken the American public. This book should be read by all Americans and demands their thoughtful and immediate attention. James B. Utt Member of Congress. ...

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