How jewery turned England into a plutocratic state An historical survey

Author : World Services
Title : How jewery turned England into a plutocratic state An historical survey
Year : 1940

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HUME, the classic among England’s historian in his fundamental work. “The history of England, from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the revolution in 1668”, Vol. II, Ch. X., P 130, (London 1803) writes: “The greater part of that kind of dealing (usury) fell every where into the hands of the Jews; who, being already infamous on account of their religion, had no honour to lose, and were apt to exercise a profession, odious in itself, by every kind of rigour, and even sometimes by rapine and extortion.” The Jew uses the lie as his most effective weapon to attain his goal and to conquer the world. Truth is his worst enemy WORLD SERVICES has taken upon itself the task of enlightening all non-Jewish peoples and of revealing to them Jewry’s sinister intentions and its criminal methods. Recognition of this danger is the first step towards elimination. “WORLD SERVICES” has dedicated itself to truthfully reporting news-items pertaining to Jews and Jewry and thereby safeguarding the liberties of all nations. Whoever is cognisant of this Jewish danger is requested to communicate with WORLD SERVICES”, Frankfurt/M P.O.B. 600 Only through co-operation it is possible to avert the threatening danger. (Of course this address is no longer in existence ED) WARNING This material was originally prepared under the auspices of the German government that was in power from 1933-1945. However, under current German laws this material absolutely MAY NOT BE distributed in Germany. We thereby strongly recommend that no recipient of this information make any attempt to circulate it within Germany in any way, shape or form. This material is being published for historical and research purposes only. (There were many footnotes; but they were taken from the English Parliament debate, and Jewish sources that are no longer available, therefore we do not list all the foot notes ED). ...

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