Bernstein Jack - My Farewell to Israel

Author : Bernstein Jack
Title : My Farewell to Israel The Thorn in the Mid East
Year : 1985

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When my first book, "The life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel" was published, I issued the same challenge as I have at the end of this book. So far, the Zionists have failed to accept the challenge. Of course, this was expected ‐ they don't dare challenge what I have written because it is all fact. However, it has been a pleasant surprise that there have been only two nasty letters ‐ neither attempted to dispute any of the things about which I had written. They merely referred to it as "trash" ‐ the typical response used by Zionists when anything is written exposing their actions. It was heart‐warming to receive letters and large orders from decent Jews. Typical was one from Los Angeles who said, "I've suspected that Israel was not as we Jews have been led to believe. I have purchased 75 copies of your book to give to my Jewish friends". Two Jews from different cities reported that after reading my book, each had called the Anti‐Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith and asked questions about some of the things I had written. The ADL didn't try to refute what I had written; instead started asking intimidating questions like, "What's your name? What's your address? Where do you work?" Naturally, these Jews became fearful and hung up without answering. They knew if they had given their names, they would have been harassed and possibly lost their jobs or had other economic pressures put on them. This is how the subversive Zionists keep decent Jews in line. After reading my book, a good number of Jews reported having gone to Israel. One, a U.S. Navy officer, didn't believe what I had written, so he went to Israel to find out for himself. He had planned to punch me in the nose when he came back if he found what I had written was not the truth. After returning from Israel, he came to visit with me. He shook my hand and said, "I apologize for doubting what you wrote, Jack. It's as bad in Israel as you told it ‐ in fact it's worse". Some young Jews, while visiting Israel, foolishly sampled some of the sinful fruit for which Israel is becoming famous. One came back with a case of venereal disease and another "zonked out" on drugs. Some Jews said they have stopped buying Israeli bonds and others were cashing bonds they had purchased. This, of course, is wise because Israel is bankrupt. It is only a matter of time until the Israeli economy goes "belly‐up". When that happens, Israeli bonds will be worth no more than the paper they are printed on. Some of you may doubt what I wrote in my first book and what you are about to read in this book. If so, go to Israel and check it out yourself; don't take one of the guided tours. Instead, check out the things about which I have written. To foolishly believe what the Zionists tell about Israel on TV, radio and in the large newspapers and magazines, all of which they control, is to allow the Zionists and Zionist oriented International Bankers to lead America into another of their planned wars ‐ this time in the Mid East. After my first book, "The life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel" was released, I was asked why I, a Jew, was willing to expose the real Israel and thus invite criticism from the Zionist Jews, the answer is quite simple. I am an American first and a Jew second, and I will fight against anyone who tries to hurt the well‐being of my country, the United States. Since it was one portion of the Jews, the Zionists, who were responsible for racist, Marxist Israel coming into existence and since these same Zionists has been responsible for much, if not most, of America's foreign and domestic problems, I have no alternative as a conscientious American but to fight this subversive, Marxist oriented force, regardless of the consequences. Israel has caused America nothing but heartaches since it came into existence. For instance: Israel has caused America to lose the friendship of many countries, especially the Arab countries which historically have been pro‐American in their foreign policies. America has also lost, and is still losing, billions of dollars in trade with Arab and other Moslem countries. Israel is little more than a "welfare state" unable to support itself, and exists only with the aid of billions of American taxpayer's dollars each year. Israel not only cost America billions of dollars each year, but the lives of several hundred American boys were sacrificed for the sake of Israel in Lebanon. Israel has been instrumental in aiding the establishment of dictatorships in Africa and to a degree elsewhere in the world. It is a sad fact that a great number of Jews in America place the interest of Israel before the interests of America. It can be expected that all, or nearly all, of the communist oriented Zionist Jews would trample on the Stars and Stripes to salute the hammer and sickle. This I cannot silently sit back and allow continuing. Yes, I am a Jew, but first of all I am an American and without hesitation, I say: For the sake of peace and America's well‐being, America must stop its support of the atheistic, Marxist leaders of Israel ‐ or suffer even more disastrous consequences. No country could have become as corrupt and sinful as has Israel through a normal chain of events. It would seem that there had to be some evil force at work. It would be well to note the evil history of the leadership of Israel and their followers. For centuries, they (the Bolshevik Jews) practiced atheistic Socialism/Communism in various European countries, especially Russia. These Bolshevik (Ashkenazic) Jews, along with the Zionist oriented Jewish International Bankers, succeeded in overthrowing the Czar of Russia and imposing communist rule on the Russian people. With the aid of Bolshevik Jews who migrated from Russia to America, they have been able to spread their evil, satanic influence throughout America and extending world‐wide. Many of these communist Jews from Russia and other European countries, who migrated to Israel, took with them the socialist/communist ideas of Karl Marx. With the help of American Bolshevik Jews, they were able to take control of Israel and impose the socialist/communist plans of Karl Marx. Running parallel to the Bolshevik movement was the Zionist movement, which had basically the same goals ‐ world domination. At some point after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the Bolsheviks and Zionists meshed together and became one. They are now commonly referred to as Zionists. During Biblical times, God promised the Jews of those days to be his messengers and he gave them special privileges ‐ if they would obey his word. The Bible tells how these Jews disobeyed his word and began adoring idols. Frustrated over the disobedience of the Jews, God said, "Ye are of the synagogue of Satan". The atheistic Zionist leaders of Israel and their followers have apparently adopted the "synagogue of Satan" and through their leadership have made Israel a virtual "Satan's Playground". In trying to give a true picture of the real Israel, I can best do so by taking you behind the scenes by relating my own personal experiences and observations. May God be my guide. Jack Bernstein. ...

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