Grem June - The Money Manipulators

Author : Grem June
Title : The Money Manipulators Federal reserve notes - United states notes What is the difference between them ? How does the issuance of Federal Reserve Notes affect our economy, the national debt and our income taxes ?
Year : 1971

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It is a pleasure to write the introduction to The Money Manipulators, a penetrating, courageous book, written by June Grem. Soon it will become a valuable item on library shelves throughout the country in reference to the subjects of money, money quantity, money control, the Federal Reserve Bank System, shadowy international money operations, the subversion emanating from some large tax-free foundations, the United Nations’ cruel hoax, millionaire socialists with political stooges placed in high government posts, and our ponderous, inequitable income tax structure. All of these are surrounded by vast deceit at great cost to unsuspecting and victimized Americans. Hence, it is appropriate to recall the 14th chapter, 8th verse of First Corinthians, which observes : “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle ?” Certainly, for the last three hundred years, many leading “trumpets in our Western world have been emitting dubious and uncertain sounds. Why ? To confuse many of us by creating a misleading image in history and in the press, to serve their long-range objectives. That objective is sought by a few individuals to acquire most of the world’s wealth and power with great suffering by the many ! Having been successful for a long time in this nefarious operation conducted against mankind, that pattern of success must, of course, be well concealed from the people. This step has been carried out by acquiring control of the press, radio, television, numerous publications, in fact, nearly all the media of communication, so as to mislead and hide their sinister intent. Often “these few” pose, hypocritically, as generous philanthropists, presidential advisers, social uplifters, civil righters, and vocal champions of the downtrodden masses ! But, all the while, they are covertly attempting to further downtread the same uninformed masses. They aim for you to believe that black is white, that right is wrong, that all “change” must be constructive !—accomplished by their dutiful puppets in the press ! Recall the apt expression : “Whose bread I eat, his song I sing !” Without deceitful image-making, supported by the media of communication, the planners’ game, or long-range conspiracy, would have been disclosed long ago, and terminated ! When that does happen, real progress will promptly ensue for the great benefit of all of us. To introduce this fine book is exhilarating—to be afforded an opportunity to applaud such a valuable work representing, as it does, a real contribution to truth and to well-rounded education, not to the meandering indoctrination technique which we have hovering all about us, serving its ugly purpose. That purpose is largely aimed at our splendid Constitution, our family, our young people, to confuse and distort the basic elements of our Western culture, which have given to this country its lofty spiritual background, its fine aims, its initiative coupled with hard work, that has made our country great ! That is, up to now ! Therefore, The Money Manipulators should be read, reread, and studied by all thoughtful, educated citizens ! Although most of my fellow Americans and their families are deeply concerned and vaguely aware that all is not well in our “Ship of State,” regretably, many of them do not wish to become disturbed in their present role of day-dreaming, and seem inclined to imagine for themselves that there are still “two chickens in every pot.” Actually, the “two chickens” have long since been “fricasseed,” and even “the pot” has recently disappeared ! Therefore, the time is ripe for informed, aggressive action on your part—today ! Clearly, unless one knows where the enemy is, and what he looks like, how can he be destroyed ? This step is necessary if we are to survive as a friendly people, enjoying liberty and freedom—not suffering the sodden, assembly-line type of slavery planned for us by the glib, deceitful Fabian Society adherents, or the one-worlders with their international-minded money lords standing close by ! The timetable for aggressive action by the people is short ! Later on in this book, George Washington is quoted : “Government is not eloquence, it is not reason. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Ask yourself, just who lit this great “fire”? Who ? May I add that our government is not, and can never be, “Santa Claus” for long—or “Big Daddy” ! It couldn’t be a “Big Daddy” for a moment, unless it neatly acquired by vast taxation nearly all of the coins and folding money that you, good reader, have in your pocket and lock-box ! The many big-money puppets festooned about us in high government posts and in our Congress, represent; for the most part, not “We, the people,” but the hidden few ! They are the servants of one-world money. You pay dearly for the Federal Reserve Bank System, for all the brightly termed welfare projects, for all the glibly described “Foreign Aid,” and for the horrendous United Nations fraud, which is merely a new business gimmick set up to enrich a few high-level bankers and their one-world power programs. Has anyone ever beheld the U.N. creating peace ? (the alleged purpose of its un-Constitutional intrusion upon us) Certainly not ! The U.N. has had its long, deceitful day ! It must be terminated ! This would then pave the way for a real people’s forum throughout the world to replace this self-serving bankers’ forum gnawing at our Constitution ! Yes, you and I are paying for all of that, especially for our expensive monetary policy, firmly managed by the privately owned and controlled, fractional reserve, central bank of money issue, deceitfully called the “Federal Reserve Bank.” It controls its many members and keeps them firmly “in line.” Inform yourselves—for your own best interests, and the suitable survival of our culture for those who follow you ! Knowledge is power, lack of it spells destruction! In the pages that follow, you will find much of value ! When put together, the resulting “mosaic” presents a true picture of how we have been and are being covertly led down the “primrose path” of Socialism to financial ruin—all of us. Unless this down-grading, treasonous influence of numerous one-worlders in our midst is firmly checked, to restore morality, religion, solvency, and free enterprise, none of us will survive unscathed from this imminent, carefully planned disaster ! I will now conclude my comments with a salute to the author of this timely book, a fine, patriotic work, an important contribution to the Forces of Light bravely confronting the Forces of Darkness ! Curtis B. Dall. Washington, D.C. January, 1971. ...

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