Keel John Alva - The Cosmic Question

Author : Keel John Alva
Title : The Cosmic Question Man an the supernatural - A stunning new perspective
Year : 1975

Link download :

'What's a nice Jewish boy like you doing in a place like this?' Gestas, a fully accredited scoundrel, gasped as the ropes around his arms sawed into his flesh. 'HOW come you couldn't beat this hum rap?' Dismas grunted, his body hanging loose. against the wooden beam, defeated by the irrevocable law of gravity. Between them, suspended from a third wooden cross of questionable workmanship, the man named Yehoshuah moaned and mumbled incoherently. Unlike his two companions, Yehoshuah was not tied to the crossbeam but had been nailed in place. He was in considerable pain. A heavy spike had been driven into each of his palms and his full weight rested upon the delicate muscles and hones of his bleeding hands. The tension 011 his outstretched arms worked against the other muscles in his body, particularly his diaphragm, which actuates the lungs. Breathing would become increasingly more difficult until, finally, death by asphyxiation would result. Overhead, the desert sun dimmed and the skies darkened. 'What'd he say?' Gains Cassius asked. 'Don't know. Something about somebody named Elias. Must be one of those freaks that were hanging around him.' 'They all took off in a hurry, didn't they?' The centurion chuckled. ...

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