Keel John Alva - The Great UFO Wave

Author : Keel John Alva
Title : The Great UFO Wave
Year : 1973

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Shortly after the October UFO flap broke out, we were able to obtain an interview with John A. Keel, who is probably one of the most wellinformed of all the UFO researchers: Glenn McWane: John, how do you feet about UFOs getting some national publicity after a rather long hiatus on the part of the media? John A Keel: It is very interesting. Tonight on the NBC news they reported some of these sightings. They mentioned that a woman somewhere in the South not only saw a UFO, but on the side of this object the letters UFO were painted. It was an amusing anecdote for the newscast, but I expect this was true. This was an ultimate joke. We may get more reports like this. A few years ago I talked with two young men who had seen an object in a field that resembled exactly one of our space modules and had "US Air Force" printed on the sides. But, of course, one of our space modules isn't going to be hovering over a field in New Jersey. I never wrote it up because, even the UFO buffs wouldn't believe it. As for the coverage this flap is getting, it is superb. UPI is doing excellent wrap-up stories on it. The NBC newscast has been covering it every night this week and every night last week. This may be because NBC is preparing a White Paper on UFOS. Three or four weeks ago I was called in by the young man who is working on it, and we had dinner together. It is being produced by Fred Freed, who produced a number of the award-winning White Papers. In the course of my conversation a month ago with these people, I laid out some predictions based on the patterns of previous flaps. I really put my neck out. All of my predictions are coming true. I was able to tell them that the sightings would be concentrated in the Mississippi Valley and move up to the Ohio Valley by the end of October. They are seen everywhere, but the heaviest concentration seems to be in the Mississippi Valley. According to my statistics, around or on October 21 is the day when the biggest flaps are likely to occur. Of course the twenty-fourth produces some interesting manifestations. This year October 24 is on a Wednesday, and I wouldn't be surprised if the UFO flap will peak on that day, then gradually start to subside. We will have a brief low, and then next March, all hell is going to break loose. McWane: Why do you think all this UFO activity is taking place now? Keel: I keep trying to outguess the phenomenon; but it is hard, because it is always one step ahead of you. On a number of occasions, when I was most active in my research, I would go to an obscure farm on an obscure back road to research a story that had never been publicized. As soon as I would walk into the house, the phone would start to go crazy. But no one would be on the other end of the line, and the farmer would be amazed because this had never happened before. ...

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