Keel John Alva - Why UFOS Operation Trojan Horse

Author : Keel John Alva
Title : Why UFOS Operation Trojan Horse
Year : 1970

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Any appraisal of the "flying saucer mystery" must be all inclusive and must attempt a study of the apparent hoaxes, as well as an examination of the many events now generally accepted as being totally authentic. The data must be reviewed quantitatively, no matter how arduous the task becomes. There is a natural tendency to concentrate on only those facets which seem most interesting, or which seem to provide the best evidence. The phenomenon of unidentified flying objects is a gigantic iceberg, and the truly important aspects are hidden far beneath the surface. Nearly all of the UFO literature of the past twenty years has leaned toward the trivia, the random sightings which are actually irrelevant to the whole, and to the meaningless side issues of government policy, dissection of personalities, and the conflicts which have arisen within the various factions of the UFO cultists. For the past four years I have worked full time, seven days a week, without a vacation, to investigate and research UFO events in total depth, hacking my way systematically through all of the myths and beliefs which surround this fascinating subject. This book is a summation of that effort. The original manuscript was more than 2,000 pages long. It has been boiled down and carefully edited to its present length. In the process, a good deal of documentation and many details have been deleted or heavily condensed. I had hoped to include full acknowledgment of my many sources and of the many people who helped me in this task. But that proved to be impossible. More than 2,000 books were reviewed in the course of this study, in addition to uncounted thousands of magazines, newsletters, and newspapers. Since it is not feasible to list them all, I have included a selected bibliography, listing those works which proved to be the most valid and useful. Very few of these books deal with the subject of flying saucers directly. History, psychiatry, religion, and the occult have proven to be far more important to an understanding of the whole than the many books which simply recount the endless sightings of aerial anomalies. I have tried to apply the standard rules of scholarship wherever possible, going directly to the original sources in most cases instead of relying upon the distilled and often distorted versions of these events which were later published in various media. This involved tracking down and interviewing, either by phone or in person, the people who had the experiences or, at least, conferring with the investigators who personally checked into some cases and were able to supply taped interviews with the witnesses and other documentation. In the earlier, historical cases I have tried to accumulate at least three independent published citations for each event. Many possibly important events were rejected simply because it proved impossible to uncover satisfactory documentation. My files include thousands of letters, affidavits, and other materials encompassing many unpublished cases which correlated with and confirmed the events and conclusions discussed in this book. Numerous other researchers around the world have confirmed my findings through events in their own areas. The real problems hidden behind the UFO phenomenon are staggering and so complex that they will seem almost incomprehensible at first. The popular beliefs and speculations are largely founded upon biased reporting, gross misinterpretations, and the inability to see beyond the limits of any one of many frames of reference. Cunning techniques of deception and psychological warfare have been employed by the UFO source to keep us confused and skeptical. Man's tendency to create a deep and inflexible belief on the basis of little or no evidence has been exploited. These beliefs have created tunnel vision and blinded many to the real nature of the phenomenon, making it necessary for me to examine and analyze many of these beliefs in this text. Some readers will be offended and enraged by what I have to say and how I have chosen to say it. It is not my intention to attack any belief or frame of reference. Rather, I have tried to demonstrate how all of these things blend together into a larger whole. JOHN A. KEEL. ...

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