Tomas Andrew - We are not the First

Author : Tomas Andrew
Title : We are not the First Riddles of Ancient Science Was the knowledge of the Ancients more potent than modern science ?
Year : 1971

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MUCH OF MODERN SCIENCE WAS KNOWN IN ANCI ENT TIMES. WHERE DID SUCH KNOWLEDGE COME FROM? The Australian aborigines have practised blood transfusion sin ce prehistoric times, yet this method is relatively new to Western medicine. An Ancient Hindu book, in two hundred and tbirty stanzas, gives detailed instructions for the construction of aircraft- ages before the Wright brothers. Robots and computers were a reality centuries before Norbert Wiener. The early inhabitants of England used a computer in stone- Stonehenge- to forecast solar and lunar eclipses. Andrew Tomas presents the stunning theory that an unknown civilization inTime or Space left the legacy of advanced culture to the peoples of antiquity. He proves his remarkable view of the true age of 'modem' science with an impressive array of facts and sorne fascinating illustrations. ...

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