Randolph Paschal Beverly - The New Mola

Author : Randolph Paschal Beverly
Title : The New Mola with the supplement to the New Mola
Year : 1873

Link download : Randolph_Paschal_Beverly_-_The_New_Mola.zip

Over A twenty-five year period, Paschal Beverly Randolph, M.D. (1825-1875), published more than sixty books, pamphlets and monographs. His writings centered on the Arcane, covering the mystical side of Arcane philosophy, death, the Soul World, sexual alchemy, magic mirrors, seership, clairvoyance and other subjects of occult knowledge. Dr. Randolph's dream was that all of his written works would "live" for years and centuries after his transition to the celestial spheres. It is in this spirit that we are privileged and honored to republish The New Mola and with it The Supplement to The New Mola. The New Mola was first published in 1873, followed by Eulis in the summer of 1874 and The Supplement to The New Mola at the end of 1874. In February 1875 Randolph published his last book, The Book ofthe Triplicate Order. From 1845 to 1850 Randolph studied medicine and the Arcane science. In 1858 the World Council of the Fraternity, then sitting in Paris, appointed Dr. Randolph the Supreme Grand Master of the Fraternity Rosae Crucis of the Western World (North, Central and South America) and the Isles of the Sea. Early books written by Dr. Randolph include Ravalette and Pre-Adamite Man (1863), After Death (1866), The Guide to Clairvoyance (1867), Seership (1870), Hermes Trismegistus: His Divine Pymander (1871), Soul! The Soul World (1872). Dr. Randolph wrote The New Mola in August 1873 while convalescing from partial arm paralysis which he sustained in an accidental railroad fall in May 1873; it was published by Kate Corson. In this monograph he further evolves his intrinsic knowledge concerning mediumship, clairvoyance and intuition. This work also includes in an appendix the celebrated AsgilVs Rules and the Ansairetic Mysteries governing the Divine use of the sexual union, which if heeded by humanity, will truly lead us to the prophesied Heaven on Earth. ...

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