Randolph Paschal Beverly - The Unveiling

Author : Randolph Paschal Beverly
Title : The Unveiling : or, what i think of spiritualism.
Year : 1860

Link download : Randolph_Paschal_Beverly_-_The_Unveiling.zip

Long have I striven to induce Dr. Randolph to write out briefly his views of Mooem Spiritualism - which he, above most men, has had so great, so variech and in some respecta, so terrible an experience. I strove in vain until hundreds of correspondents and patients, anxious to know just where he stood, united with me in the task. of persuasion. At length he consented-wrote what follows, except the appendix, and then threw the MSS aside. I gathered together, read it, thought it altogether too good to keep - and so here it is, that's all, except that in order to render it well worth the price asked he concluded to add the Appendix, which contains information that I have a thousand times proved to be worth the sum asked for the pamplhet fifty, aye, a hundred times over. M. J. R. BOSTON, June 1860. ...

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