Resistance - Erika Gliebe Interview

Author : Resistance
Title : Erika Gliebe Interview
Year : 2006

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As the first former Playboy model to publicly acknowledge her racialist views, Erika Gliebe has drawn a lot of fire from voices both within and outside the Cause. Her husband, Resistance editor Erich Gliebe, had similary been criticized years before when he became one of the first professional athletes to speak out on behalf of our people. Both Gliebes had hoped - and are still hoping - that other successful Whites in the public eye, such as professional athletes and head-turning Whites models, will follow their example and state publicly what many of them feel in their hearts. Here, White activist and soon-to-be mother Erika sounds off about her racial activism, her past, and what we need to do to move our race back up the Path. ...

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