Bacon Francis - The advancement of learning and The new Atlantis

Author : Bacon Francis
Title : The advancement of learning and The new Atlantis
Year : 1622

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Like all great philosophers, bacon took long to mature his works. From his youth upwards he had been thinking about philosophy, knowledge, learning. When, at the age of 16, he was an undergraduate at Cambridge, he became dissatisfied with the philosophy of Aristotle, for the unfruitfulness of the way; and as a young man of 25 he had commenced a philosophy of his own, styled Temporis Partus Maximus. In 1592 (aet. 32) he wrote to Burghley, 'I have taken all knowledge to be my province,' and in that year the 'Praise of Knowledge' in a 'Triumph ' given by Essex before the Court bears the stamp of Bacons mind and style. ...

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