A Phoenix journal - 113

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 113
Year : 1994

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_113.zip

NOTATION UP FRONT. REC #1 HATONN WED., NOV. 2, 1994 10:52 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 078 WED., NOV. 2, 1994 LET US TAKE A MINUTE, SCRIBE ! As true realization begins to come into focus there is the pouring out of questions which are seemingly without answer. No, the answers are there for all to see, now; it is only that you DON’T WANT to see and hear. I can use my secretary’s ponderings for the measuring of what may or may not be “getting through”. I note that the “complainers” and nasty letters of judgment against us are NEVER coming from our early readership. Those readers pour so much confirming documentation and eyewitness information into this place as to bury the receivers. People here are in a bit of a nitty at that which Green Light Buckley is doing these days—telling everyone he can touch to drop CONTACT and thus and so. Why? Buckley got MORE HELP from CONTACT than from any one other place on the globe. How is it that “truth” then and “truth” now are so hard to integrate? By the way, Buckley, the Tehachapi phone calls are on the heads of YOUR MR. IMPORTANT(S)—not some ghoul goons in this location OR set up by Ronn Jackson. There may well be involvement (of available co-horts), but it was NOT of “our” doing, Sir. The “discrediting attempts” have failed. Moreover, YOU, BUCKLEY, do not even read CONTACT except as something ABOUT YOU pops out so how dare you, without any knowledge whatsoever, act in such foolish manners? I personally have no pick or concern about YOU one way or another—so keep it Earthbound where it belongs for I plan to have no dispute with the likes of you. Your intent has always been wrong for the overall “good” of your country BUT THAT IS BETWEEN THEE AND THEM! Some of my friends got involved with you and it is not acceptable that they should be hurt from your actions, no more and no less. If you are working FOR them then so be it—but why your concern? By the way—it is on pretty good EARTH grapevine that you, Mr. Buckley, are about to be indicted for scam operations. Is this truth? Why would I express one way or another—or why should CONTACT give further input? Bite the hand that serves you and you may well find the “service” diminished ! ...

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