A Phoenix journal - 206

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 206
Year : 1997

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_206.zip

CHAPTER 1 V.K. DURHAM PUTS CONGRESSMAN JOHN SHIMKUS ON NOTICE by V.K. Durham. P.O. Box 477 Okawville, Illinois 62271 Telephone (618) 243-5615 Fax (618) 243-5501. April 18, 1997. U.S. Congressman John Shimkus 301 N. 6th Street, Suite 100 Springfield, Illinois 62701. Ref: Case No. 96-739-WLB; U.S. District Court, Article III Jurisdiction, for the Southern District of Illinois. Ref: Impeachment of U.S. District Court Judge William L. Beatty as presiding judge, including inferior magistrates of said U.S. District Court. Congressman Shimkus, I, V.K. Durham, plaintiff in Case No. 96-739-WLB, U.S. District Court, Article III jurisdiction for the Southern District of Illinois, do herein and hereafter request the exercising of your duly constituted congressional powers of Office of Public Trust for impeachment of said U.S. District Court Judge, William L. Beatty. Said U.S. District Court Judge, William L. Beatty, as presiding judge for said U.S. District Court, Article III Jurisdiction for the South District of Illinois, has failed his Oath of Public Trust as a U.S. District Court Judge, failing the U.S. constitutional Article VI, Clause 2 by failure and denial of said U.S. constitutional laws made in pursuance of the Constitution, as cited by plaintiff in case 96-739-WLB. ...

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