A Phoenix journal - 245

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 245
Year : 1998

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_245.zip

CHAPTER 1. REC #2 HATONN. THU., JUNE 4, 1998 9:22 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 292. THU., JUNE 4, 1998. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS. When you think you have covered all alternatives—you haven’t. That is number one. Number two is to then Call on God, ask for an instruction manual, AND USE IT! Let us consider responses to our series on the articles from the Dearborn Independent on the question regarding the Jewish community and brotherhood. These articles in point were provided through intensive research into the topic by dozens of investigators and research parties to get valid information that is actually well known to the public if the public paid attention to anything other than their own personal ideas, ideals, and opinions. The purpose was to show that NOBODY IN THIS SOCIETY COULD POSSIBLY KNOW FACTS WITHOUT GREAT STUDY INTO THE QUESTION ITSELF. THIS IGNORANCE BREEDS MORE AND MORE DISCONTENT AND INCORRECT PARTIES ARE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES OF THE WHOLE OF A PERCEIVED PEOPLE—USUALLY TOTALLY WRONG IN CONCEPT AND FACT. JEU vs. JEW. We have pointed out that what you are referring to as Jew is NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. You are not actually focusing on the Judean or Judaic or even the Torahan “religious” rites. You are talking in major focus on the JEU. (Shrewd Gamesmen, etc.) This is NOT a race, creed, or color. However, you will find that there is not an alternative way to PRONOUNCE THE WORD ITSELF—IS THERE? The JEU comes from all religions, all races, all creeds and all colors. The responses to us, by and large, are mostly from JEWS giving great appreciation for finally standing up FOR THEM against the false information and deceptions cast about upon a race/religion. If you think the Jewish community is put-upon and deceived—take a better and long, hard look at the Christians, Moslems, and Islamic communities. Then consider very, very carefully the Chinese basic religions and find that you are outnumbered in just about every way. STOP THE INSANITY. NO MAN IS BETTER OR LESSER THAN ANY OTHER MAN—JUST DIFFERENT! ...

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