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Title : 2001-2008
Year : 2001-2008

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New religions UFO movements. Swedish student Stefan Isaksson has written a paper titled "New religious UFO movements. Extra/errestrial salvation in contemporary America". Isaksson is a student with the California State University of Fresno, USA. Isaksson' s paper is available, as a 120-page, ring-bound edition from UFO-Sweden. Price is 90 SEK (postage included in Sweden). If interested, please make contact with c/as. [email protected] se for more details. Isaksson compares three new religious UFO movements (NRUMs): the Aetherius Society founded by George King, Unarius founded by Ruth and Ernest Norman and the Raelian Religion founded by Claude Vorilhon, alias Rael. Of the three, Isaksson gains the most intimate knowledge about the Raelians, while doing a field trip to a Raelian seminar in Las Vegas. Information on the other two is gained through literature studies and email contacts. While Aetherius and Unarius are heavily influenced by 'Old Age' Spiritualism and Theosophy, Raelians is more of a technocratic and modem NRUM But, reports Isaksson, Elohim (the Realian creator of us all) "channel/ed messages to him, which subconsciously made him Rael, alias Claude Vorilhon go out into the wilderness" (for a meeting with the ET). "Interesting to note is that while Raelians deny the existence of God or soul, the y still refe r to their movement as the Raelian Religion, and they do have prayer, a/though not as elaborately outlined as the Aetherius Society, whose members put great emphasis on dynamic prayer for the welfare of man kind... " Isaksson invalidates the cliche word ''flying saucer cults" in connection with these movements (as does, of course, representatives of all the three NRUMs). ...

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