Adessa Franco - The satanic miter of Benedict XVI

Author : Adessa Franco
Title : The satanic miter of Benedict XVI Now there is a miter without any Christian symbols but instead bears occult symbols, glorifying the Man-God and the Satanic, Masonic Triple Trinity.
Year : 2012

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Cardinal Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger was elected Pope on April 19th, 2005 under the name Benedict XVI. Since November 13, 1964, Paul VI permanently deposed the Papal Tiara. While altogether abandoning the Tiara along with the keys as a symbol of the Holy Apostolic See, he then, began the current use of “crowning” a new pope with a simple “miter” for which this ceremony is today known simply as the “solemn inauguration of his Petrine Ministry,” as was the case with Benedict XVI, April 24, 2005. But as the “Tiara”, personally prepared for the ‘“coronation” of a new Pope, and took its solemnity in attributing to the Pope with the three powers of the three crowns, so does the “Miter”, which replaced it, despite its stated claims of a more “modest simplicity.” Nonetheless it assumes its solemnity through the uniqueness and importance of the ceremony of the “solemn inauguration of the Petrine Ministry of the new Pontiff.” The “Tiara”, or “Triple Tiara”, despite some slight variations always represents the three crowns. Those three crowns are clear and unmistakable symbols of three powers attributed to the new Pontiff and their divine origin from our Lord Jesus Christ. The “Miter” however, does not have a clear and precise historical coded symbolism, and may be subject to the risk of being corrupted or even perverted, in the sense of the divine origin of the powers attributed to the Pope. The absence of a codified symbolism for the “Miter” then, would throw all of the responsibility of the symbols used onto the Pontiff who approves, receives and welcomes it upon his head. The ceremony of “the solemn inauguration of his Petrine Ministry” in addition, represents a moment of enormous symbolic importance for the Universal Catholic Church and yet one cannot ignore that this solemnity takes on an equal importance for Her arch-enemy as well ! ...

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