American Jewish archives - Volume 15 Number 01

Author : American Jewish archives
Title : Volume 15 Number 01
Year : 1963

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Old Billy. Jews who are ascetics and Jews who are Negroes - these are surely the most uncommon of Jews. And yet, according to the selections reprinted below from Sun Francisco's Weekly Gleaner, both types of rarity were combined in the person of "Old Billy," an ascetic Negro Jew who lived in ante-bellum Charleston, South Carolina. German-born Dr. Julius Eckman, the "Editor and Proprietor" of The Weekly Gleaner, was himself something of a rarity. After ojiciating in a number of Southern congregations, he came to Sun Francisco in 1854 as Temple Emanu-El's jirst rabbi, founded a religious school and a newspaper, and in 1860 went of on a "missionary" venture to China to help restore the old Jewish congregation at K'ai-Fung-Foo in Hunan Province. ...

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