Annett Kevin D. - Hidden No Longer

Author : Annett Kevin D.
Title : Hidden No Longer : Genocide in Canada, Past and Present
Year : 2010

Link download :

The stories, documentation and other evidence in this book are based in part on the living testimonies of nearly three hundred survivors of thirty eight separate Indian residential or hospitals across Canada. These accounts were offered freely and unconditionally in open public forums, or in private interviews, between December 1995 and July 2010. Full permission to quote and re-print these accounts was obtained from every contributor, in either writing or on video. This evidence is held in trust by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, through the common consent of the survivors themselves. All documents, letters, photos and other evidence were obtained from public records of the Department of Indian Affairs (the RG 10 series) held in the microfilm section of the Koerner Library, University of British Columbia, from newspaper archives, and from the public internet or private collections. I wish to thank and honor all of the survivors of Indian residential schools for their courage and willingness to speak out, by which the world has learned about the genocide inflicted upon them, their nations, and the land. And may we equally honor and acknowledge the untold tens of thousands of children who suffered and died in the Christian death camps, and who still await recognition - so that their memory may never fade, and their murderers may one day face justice. ...

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