Ashcroft-Norwicki Dolores - The ritual magic workbook

Author : Ashcroft-Norwicki Dolores
Title : The ritual magic workbook
Year : 1998

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Foreword. You are holding in your hands the best practical introduction to the art of magic ever published. Not 'one of the best' or 'arguably the best' or 'possibly the best', but simply the best. It is lucid, down to earth, well structured, accurate and easy to understand. It is a superb tool for the individual who wants to understand what magic is all about not in theory, but in practice. Dolores Ashcroft‐Nowicki, who wrote the book, is an experienced ritual magician and head of a worldwide esoteric fraternity/sorority. In the very earliest lessons she will force you to discuss your motivations for magical study; and she warns, as others have warned before her, that you should not undertake the work laid out in this book if you are depressed; nor should you mix magical training with drugs like mescaline, or lsd, or even pot. You will want to know why. And here I think I may be able to help you. When I was even younger than I am today, I drove a horse and cart through those three warnings. I was attracted to magical study without much insight into my real motivations. I began work in a depressed state. And on one curious social occasion during training, I smoked cannabis. Since there is always considerable entertainment in someone else's misfortune, let me describe what happened. Then let me tell you something you will probably not be able to find elsewhere: the reason why it happened. ...

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