Ashe Geoffrey - King Arthur In fact and legend

Author : Ashe Geoffrey
Title : King Arthur In fact and legend
Year : 1969

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How did the Arthurian legend begin, and in what forms have writers presented it over the ages ? Even more intriguing a question: Did King Arthur and his knights ever exist at all ? Geoffrey Ashe explores both paths - the fictional Arthur and the Arthur of historical and archaeological fact. Arthur, King of Britain, became a national hero between the years 1150 and 1200. The real ruler during most of that time was Henry II, but the legendary monarch was soon more widely renowned than the actual one, and his fame in romance has continued ever since. Ashe traces the Arthur of fiction from the Middle Ages to the present day; he also tells the historical and archaeological facts of all that is known about the king. This includes an account of the results of recent excavations at South Cadbury, now believed to be the site of the original Camelot. Superb illustrations, maps, and suggestions for further reading make this a book that will give the reader an exciting beginning to his own research and stimulate active interest in whatever aspect of Arthur most appeals to him - past, present, or future. ...

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