Australian nationalist ideological, historical, and legal archive

Authors : Lane William - Smith Joseph W. - Saleam Jim - Saleam James - Giannopoulos P. - Gregor A. James - Knight Brian - Saunders Alec - Moeller van den Bruck Arthur - Whitsel Brad - Sunic Tomislav - Oliver Revilo P.
Title : Australian nationalist ideological, historical, and legal archive
Year : 2002

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MISSION STATEMENT (as updated, August 24 2002) : This Site is a document archive linked to other Australian Nationalist political and information sites. A few Australian authors are on-line. As further works are prepared for Internet publication, additional Australian authors shall appear here. This document archive shall: Ground Australian Nationalism ideologically and historically; this task is related to the legitimacy of the cause as well as the discussion of its favoured political expressions and historical place and activism; providing an accurate analysis is vital in combatting the misrepresentation of Nationalist ideology and politics by its opponents in politics and the media. Answer (when appropriate) the State-liberal-political-police propaganda which attempts to delegitimize the Nationalist organizations by an assertion that they have operated, or do operate, in a criminal manner; this task shall be addressed by relevant exposé of various "legal processes" operated against Nationalist leaders and other patriotic identities in the past. This Archive shall be continually updated and maintained as a resource for the instruction of a new generation of Nationalist leaders and activists. Texts of a general relevancy to the development of Australian Nationalist ideology and politics will also be placed upon this site. This includes material drawn from the corpus of Euro-nationalist discourse. The Editors welcome that our attention is drawn to selective material. The Editors will permit some debate around the issue of ideological and political formation and shall not censor any reasonable view on any subject which advances this objective. ...

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