Aynat Enrique - Crematoriums 2 and 3 of Birkenau A critical study

Author : Aynat Eknes Enrique
Title : Crematoriums 2 and 3 of Birkenau : A critical study
Year : *

Link download : Aynat_Enrique_-_Crematoriums_2_and_3_of_Birkenau_A_critical_study.zip

Material, criticism, and suggestions furnished by the Italian investigator Carlo Mattogno have been of great value to me in the completion of this study. The author, however, assumes sole responsibility for any errors or shortcomings which may be noted in the following pages. I. Introduction. Until a few years ago, it was a matter of practically unanimous belief that the leaders of Germany during World War II actually carried out a plan for the physical extermination of people of Jewish origin. Yet that systematic slaughter-the Holocaust-has in recent time been called into question by research scholars of a number of countries. The enormity of the accusations, the frailty of the proofs adduced, contradictions on the part of witnesses, the use of torture to exact "confessions," and the universal absence during the war of any knowledge of something which, had it occurred, could not have been concealed: these were the principal clues that led a few serious students, after meticulous research, to deny the historicity of this supposed collective crime. ...

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