Author : Aynat Eknes Enrique
Title : Neither trace nor proof The seven Auschwitz "gassing" sites according to Jean-Claude Pressac
Year : *

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The French author Jean-Claude Pressac has written a monumental work-564 pages in large format, with hundreds of photographs, plans, sketches, drawings and reproduced documents-on the creation, utilization and destruction of seven Auschwitz-Birkenau installations which supposedly once housed execution gas chambers. J.C. Pressac carried out an exhaustive on-site investigation. During the course of fifteen visits between 1979 and 1987, he spent some three months in Oswiecim (the present name of Auschwitz). He had complete freedom of research in the State Museum of Auschwitz, as well as the full collaboration of the museum authorities, in particular that of the chief archivist, Tadeusz Iwaszko, to whom his book is dedicated. Pressac further obtained the support of Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, who wrote the introduction to his book and who conducted research for him in the archives of the USSR and the German Democratic Republic. ...