Bakony Itsvan - What is judaism ?

Author : Bakony Itsvan
Title : What is judaism ? Library of political secrets 3
Year : 1969

Link download :

Imperialism, communism, and judaism, the three forces dominating the world. Series of author Itsvan Bakony. The Library of Political Secrets now adds to its collection selected chapters from the book of the Hungarian researcher, Itsvan Bakony, entitled: "Imperialism, Communism and Judaism, the Three Forces Dominating the World". The translation of the Hungarian original was completed in Paris in January 1969, and was later brought up to date by the author. The only purpose of this edition is to diffuse the truth about the great political secrets and transcendental historic events currently taking place in the world. We urge patriots in all countries to diffuse this work amongst the largest possible number of people, reprinting and distributing it freely, because neither the author, nor the translator or the editor, have reserved special rights. Those who desire to, may reproduce this book, but no people or entity may pretend to reserve the exclusive rights of the author or edition. UDECAN Editions. ...

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