Bakony Itsvan - The jewish fifth column in India

Author : Bakony Itsvan
Title : The jewish fifth column in India Library of political secrets 6
Year : 1977

Link download :

Introduction. The Library of Political Secrets now adds to its collection selected chapters from the book by the Hungarian researcher, Itsvan Bakony, entitled : "IMPERIALISM, COMMUNISM AND JUDAISM, THE THREE FORCES DOMINATING THE WORLD." The translation of the Hungarian original was completed in Paris in January 1969, and was later brought up to date by the author. The only purpose of this edition is to make information available about the great political and historic events now taking place allover the world. We urge patriots in all countries to distribute this book to as many people as possible. This book may be reprinted by those receiving it as the author has reserved no copyright on it. ...

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