Barnes Harry Elmer - A psychological interpretation of modern social problems and of contemporary history

Author : Barnes Harry Elmer
Title : A psychological interpretation of modern social problems and of contemporary history : A survey of the contributions of Gustave Le Bon to Social psychology
Year : 1920

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General nature of his method and procedure of the three chief psychological sociologists that France has produced-Tarde, Durkheim, and Le Bon, the latter is the most versatile, and yet by far the most superficial. In fact, the last may be regarded as a popularizer of the more striking ideas of the first two, especially of Tarde's views on imitation and Durkheim's notion of crowd-psychology. The range of his interests, however, is certainly remarkable. Trained originally as a physician, he gave up the practice of medicine, but has contributed several works on physiology and hygiene. Next he was employed by the French government as an archeologist and paleographer in the Orient. In recent years he has been editor of the Bibliotheque de philosophie scientifique. In addition to these activities he has occupied himself by producing a general work on social evolution in two volumes; studies of the chief historic civilizations; several contributions to mathematical chemistry and physics, among them a paper on intra-atomic energy which was published in a number of the leading scientific journals; a statistical study in physical anthropology; a work or two on education; and the some half-dozen books on social psychology which will form the basis of the present discussion. ...

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