Baron Alexander - The Life and crimes of John Colin Campbell Jordan

Author : Baron Alexander
Title : The Life and crimes of John Colin Campbell Jordan Or Why an honest nazi is better than a lying, scheming jew
Year : 1995

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Due to other commitments, this study was written over a period of nearly two years, so if the reader detects passing references in the text to current events which do not appear to tit the chronology, that is the reason. I am most fortunate in that I live within easy travelling distance of the world's premier research institution the British Library, including the Newspaper Library at Colindale where most of my newspaper research is conducted. I do though use a variety of other sources, and some of the newspapers consulted for this short study were in the form of press cuttings in the Wiener Libnu·y collection to which I had access for over a year, and from the Library of the Jewish Chronicle, which I visited twice in 1992. Many daily newspapers have different editions; the Guardian for example has two London editions and two Manchester editions. It may be therefore that some of the newspaper articles cited here do not cmTespond with those kept at Colindale, though of course any errors either of interpretation or of fact are entirely my own. I would also like to thank Mr Jordan in person for taking the trouble to reply with courtesy to all of my letters, even though we have substantial ideological differences, especially with regard to the Jewish Question. A few minor alterations have been made to this 3rd Printing. Alexander Baron, Sydenham, London. August 29, 1995. ...

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