Bartholic Barbara - Barbara The story of a UFO investigator

Author : Bartholic Barbara
Title : Barbara The story of a UFO investigator
Year : 2003

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Foreword. When I was a kid growing up in the Ozarks, I lay in mountain meadows gazing up into the stars. I challenged my mind to probe the edges of infinity, a concept I still find impossible to comprehend. It seemed unlikely that there wouldn’t be something out there other than God. Intelligent life, surely, with an urge as powerful as mine to contact others in the universe. I sometimes pleaded, when very young. for little beings to come down, land, and let me take a look at them. I was disappointed that none ever did. Skeptics are likely to view with suspicion those among us who believe they have had correspondence with aliens. Who have been abducted, experimented on, taken for flights, or used rather like lab animals by superior intelligences. To the skeptical, what someone believes or, worse yet, feels must come subordinate to what he can see, touch, taste, smell and submit to the scientific rule. The vast majority of UFO sightings and abductions simply cannot pass this test. However, like Barbara, I became a hypno-investigator. I learned hypnotism while on the police department to use as an aid to jogging the memories of witnesses. Having also possessed a long-time fascination with reincarnation and psychic phenomena. I was soon experimenting with willing subjects in the areas of pre-natal regression and previous life experiences. Although my evidence might not be liable to the scientific rule in any real sense. I soon came to believe in what the renowned psychic Edgar Cayce called “the startling possibility of reincarnation.” Some things you simply have to submit to raw logic without supporting evidence. Therefore, when it comes to UFO sightings, aliens and other related matters. I resort to what I call the “grain of sand” argument. Walk out onto a long stretch of sandy beach. How many individual grains of sand can you see? Trillions upon trillions. Pick up a single grain, look it over, drop it. Do you think you could ever find it again? More significantly, do you think the entire beach exists for the sole benefit of that one grain of sand? Change the elements of the argument so that the one grain of sand becomes the earth. The beach becomes the universe of stars and planets. Are we humans SO presumptuous as to believe that the entire universe, infinity itself, was created solely for the benefit of this single grain of sand we call Earth? Charles W. Sasser, best-selling author of over 50 non-fiction books and novels. ...

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