Author : Research Unit for Political Economy
Title : Behind the invasion of Iraq
Year : 2003

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About the Research Unit for Political Economy. The Research Unit for PoHtical Economy (RUPE) was set up in Mumbai (Bombay), India, in the late 1980s, with the aim of explaining the economy in simple terms that could be grasped by ordinary working people, connecting problems as they are directly encountered by people with the underlying political economy that is responsible for them. RUPE's main target audience is the activists of various people's struggles, who want to spell out the connections between their particular struggles and the larger processes of which those struggles are a part. RUPE is run on the voluntary labor of a handful of people, and on a shoestring budget collected from a large number of individual contributions. Those of us who work for RUPE are also active in the working class movement, the democratic rights movement, and various movements in solidarity with people's struggles. ...