Bezmenov Yuri Alexandrovich - Love Letter to America

Author : Bezmenov Yuri Alexandrovich (Schuman Tomas David)
Title : Love Letter to America
Year : 1984

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TOMAS SCHUMAN has been personally involved with the world-wide propaganda efforts of the Soviet regime. Like' a true-life Winston Smith, from George Orwell's "1984", Tomas Schuman worked for for the communist equivalent of Orwell's Ministry of Truth - The Novosti Press Agency. Novosti, which means "News" in Russian, exists to produce slanted and false stories. to plant in' the foreign media. The term for this K.G.B. effort is "disinformation" . Mr. Schuman was born under the name of Yuri Bezmenov in Moscow in 1939, the son of a senior officer in the Red Army. Consequently, he went to good schools. At the age of 17 he entered the Institute of Oriental Languages of Moscow State University. After graduating, he worked for Novosti, then spent two years in India as an interpreter and public relations officer with Soviet Refineries Constructions. He returned to Moscow in 1965, to work for Novosti, serving as Economic Editor for the Hindi, Urdu and English Editions of Sovietland Magazine. In 1969 he went back to India and continued propaganda efforts for Novosti in New Delhi, working out of the Soviet Embassy in a department called Research and Counter-Propaganda. Due to his growing disgust, he began to plan defection. In February of 1970 he disguised himself as a hippie complete with beads and wig and joined a tour group to escape to Athens. He contacted the United States Embassy and, after a long debriefing by U.S. Intelligence, was granted asylum and went to Canada. In Canada, he studied political science, at the, University of Toronto for two years, taught Russian language and literature and in 1972 was hired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's International Service as a Producer/ Announcer, broadcasting to the Soviet Union. The K.G.B. forced him out of the job in 1976, so he began free-lance journalism and worked on a variety of projects. Today he is a political analyst for PANORAMA W.I.N. in Los Angeles. He is married, and has two children. He is the author of two yet unpublished books. ...

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