Biglino Mauro - The book that will forever change our ideas about the bible

Author : Biglino Mauro
Title : The book that will forever change our ideas about the bible Thz gods coming from space
Year : 2013

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Introduction. Many books have been written addressing the issue of ancient human cultures having contact with extraterrestrial civilizations; the hypothesis that these alien visitors are very possibly the source of our own physical origin, as well as our cultural evolution. Such books have approached the topic by quoting and analyzing excerpts from the Old Testament based on established translations such as the King James Version; the Bible we all know. Is there a chance to learn more, go deeper, transform our current assumptions into certainties, and have accurate feedback ? Starting from the original Hebrew, the ancient text of the Old Testament, this translation has now been simplified. In the pages that follow, we will publish the exact and literal meanings of each letter and phrase in Hebrew, translated into English. Hence, the surprise for hypotheses that the Church cannot avow because they would undermine the foundations of faith, a made-up “credo” which speaks of God who created the man with his own image and resemblance. Holy Bible Aliens. Those passages that clearly mention the presence of alien life and extraterrestrial intervention, are quoted in the original Hebrew language followed by an accurate literal translation, “word by word”, using a unique and easy to follow graphic system that immediately links to the original text. This enables the reader to have direct access to the biblical text. Modern-day Judeo Christian Traditions will probably never acknowledge this information to the public, as it would tear down the façade of their man-made invention of one all-knowing, all-seeing God who created mankind. Once that façade is gone, the structures that we now know as Christianity, Judaism, are likely to crumble down right along with it. The implications are staggering. ...

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