Browne Harry - Why government doesn't work

Author : Browne Harry
Title : Why government doesn't work
Year : 1995

Link download :

Foreward to 2003 Edition. This book was originally published in 1995 as the campaign book for my 1996 presidential campaign as the candidate of the Libertarian Party. This 2003 edition has been revised slightly to eliminate references to my presidential campaign, to eliminate passages that pertained only to the world of 1995, and to make a few points a bit clearer. However, I have not attempted to bring statistics, tables, or graphs up to date. Although new laws and policies of the past eight years have caused government to grow larger and more intrusive, nothing has happened to alter the principles or assertions made in the original version. And, as the original version has gone out of print, I didn’t want to delay the republication of the book by spending several months finding newer examples or statistics. The principles are timeless, and they are what matters. Please note that, because I was running for President in 1995, the primary focus in this book is on the federal government, with very little about the problems posed by state and local governments. ...

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